How to Get Ink out of a Non-White Dress Shirt

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When you need to attend a meeting, a dinner party or another formal event, you want your dress shirt to look as neat and clean as possible. If your shirt gets stained by ink, you might think the spot will never come out. But by acting quickly, you can remove ink stains with a few basic household supplies.

Dish Soap

Make a solution of five parts water and one part liquid dish soap. Stir well to blend the soap and water.

Dab the ink stain with the soapy water solution. Pat the treated area with a brush to allow the solution to penetrate the stain.

Allow the solution to set for five to 10 minutes. Launder the garment as normal according to the instructions on the care tag.

Denatured Alcohol or Solvent

Blot the area around the stain with denatured alcohol or a dry-cleaning solvent. Don't apply alcohol to the stain yet.

Lay a paper towel down flat on a table or another solid surface. Place the stained part of the garment face down over the paper towel.

Dab the stain with denatured alcohol or solvent using another paper towel. As the paper towel absorbs the ink, replace it with a fresh towel. Repeat this until the ink is gone.

Rinse the treated area well with cool water. Launder as normal.