How to Get Healthy Hair

How to Get Healthy Hair. No matter if your hair is worn long, short or somewhere in between, healthy hair is always in fashion. Learn how to get healthy hair and how to fake it until it gets there.

Get any split ends you may have trimmed off. No matter what a product claims, nothing will repair split ends except a trim. If split ends are left uncut they will continue to split farther up the shaft and damage more of your hair. Get rid of them to keep the damage to a minimum.

For moderately damaged hair, find a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Choose products specifically for dry/damaged hair.

Try shampooing your hair less. Washing your hair every day can strip natural oils that help protect the hair and keep it looking and feeling healthy. Try washing your hair every second or third day to maintain a natural moisture balance.

Try using products such as a proteinizer and reconstructor if you have extremely dry hair. The proteinizer will strengthen your hair while the reconstructor will work on a molecular level to replace what your hair is missing.

Try using styling products with added shine enhancers, such as silicone. They will give your hair sheen and help protect each strand against the damage of heated styling tools, such as blow driers and flat irons.

Give your hair a break from the heat. Try using styling tools such as blow driers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers sparingly. Whenever possible let your hair air dry either completely or most of the way and only blow dry to finish off the drying process. Try using your flat iron or hot rollers only every second or third day, which will be easier if you don't wash your hair everyday. Just touch up in the morning instead of going through your entire styling routine.

Once you finish styling your hair, spray on a shine spray product to combat dull hair. You will only need two to three quick shots, so this product will last a long time.

Regular trims are a must. Visit your stylist every four to six weeks to have the very ends trimmed to avoid your hair's ends splitting.

If your hair is still looking dry and dull, try having a semi-permanent hair color applied by your stylist. These colors are ammonia free and won't damage your hair. They simply coat the hair shaft, making them appear smoother and shinier. A darker hair color can also make hair appear healthier.

Don't want a new color but what the shine? Go for a glossing instead. This clear coat for your hair will give you the shine and smoothness of a color but won't change your natural hair color one bit.

Be good to your hair. Obviously it got damaged somehow so try to avoid a repeat performance. Avoid too many chemical processes, such as colors and perms, and avoid other hair wreckers such as chlorine, sun and tight elastic bands. Switch to semi-permanent colors, lay off the perms for a while and cover up your hair when in the sun or pool.