How to Get Grease Stains Out of Linen Skirts

Traditionally woven from the flax plant, linen is generally pricier than cotton because of its tight weave and labor-intensive manufacturing process. This lightweight, breathable fabric is ideal for a summer wedding or day roaming the beach. Stains are an inevitable part of life, including dripping grease from a meal onto your expensive linen skirt. Save your linen skirt by quickly and effectively removing the stain at home. However, if the linen skirt is labeled “dry clean only," do not attempt to remove the stains, and take the skirt to a professional for cleaning.

Blot at the stain with a paper towel or washcloth. Don't rub at the stain, or this will work the grease further into the linen fibers.

Dampen the corner of a washcloth with liquid laundry detergent. Blot at the affected area with the laundry soap until the stain is completely removed. If the stain persists, move to the next step.

Lay the linen skirt on a piece of white paper towel, making sure the soiled area is on the paper towel. Dampen a separate piece of white paper towel with dry cleaning solution. Lay the paper towel over the affected area and apply pressure. The paper towel will lift the stain. Once the paper towel is soaked with grease, remove it.

Continue to lay a dry cleaning solution-soaked paper towel on the stain and apply slight pressure until the stain is completely lifted. Rinse the newly cleaned section of the linen skirt under a lukewarm tap before laundering it according to the label's directions. The Ohio State University recommends laundering the linen skirt in the hottest water recommended by the manufacturer.