How to Get Free 21st Birthday Speeches

If your friend is turning 21, and you've been searching for free 21st Birthday Speeches, you may have come across a few websites that direct you to a Norton Anti Virus Webpage (who knows why!) or a page that doesn't have any useful information. The best thing you can do, which is probably going to be better accepted, is to make up your own. Below are steps involved in making the ultimate free 21st birthday speeches, your own.

Gather all of the information you can about your friend who is turning 21. When you know party planning is going on, this is the perfect time to also get together with his or her friends to get all of the juicy details that you'll be able to incorporate into your speech. Look for any embarrassing stories, events, old relationships, anything you can get onto your notebook. The more, the better. You'll be able to filter your information later.

Find any patterns that may be noticeable while looking at your list. Are there any common themes that happened in each embarrassing moment? Is there something common between each of their X girlfriends? Or maybe they are a good person and have never done anything wrong. Make note of these important themes, as we'll use them in the next step.

To have the best of the free 21st birthday speeches, you have to be a little creative. Bring a couple of friends in on with your project so you can all work together to get the best material written.

In your material, the first step is to welcome the guest. You can throw in a joke or a fond memory you have with this person. Be nice at first. Maybe you can think of something interesting that you and that person have in common and mention that. For example, "We both played soccer for 4 years together in high school..." etc. This is interesting to the audience, and it shows how connected you are to the person you're about to bash.

To make this funny, always highlight a quality of that person (you're being sarcastic at this point), and then follow it with an "opposite" or "ironic" example, and then a detail about the example. Then you can add your own comment on the end. For example, "John was always very concerned about what he ate. This was highlighted through the McDonalds wrappers I found in the trash can every day. I guess he was concerned about which value meal to get. And look at him now, folks!"

When using this basic structure for your free 21st birthday speeches, always start off with a great (and funny) example. Also, always make sure you END with the BEST and funniest example. The ones in between are the fillers that can also be funny, but you want to make sure you save the best for last.

Always end by asking everyone to wish your friend a happy birthday at the same time. It's a nice "cheery on top" to your speech, and will end your material in a nice manner.