How to Get Designer Handbags for Cheap Prices

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Today many women prefer designer handbags not only for style but for durability. Stylish designer handbags have become just as important as outfit-matching shoes. Though a woman's budget may not allow for purchasing these accessories at full retail prices, there are an abundance of resources available for the purchase of cheap, designer handbags. It is likely that cheaply purchased designer handbags are a previous year's style.

Determine if the handbag manufacturer has outlet stores. Many manufacturers have outlet stores to eliminate last year's inventory or to quickly sell less popular items at a fraction of the retail price. Visit the manufacturer's website and locate outlet store locations.

Visit the manufacturer's online website for sales or coupons. Before moving items to an outlet store, it may entice increased purchases by slight price reductions.

Review garage sale ads in local newspapers for listings specifying designer handbags for sale.

Shop local thrift stores and consignment shops.

Visit reputable online over stock websites, such as These companies deal directly with the manufacturer and purchase overstocked items at dramatic discounts.

Check auction sites such as or