How to Get Curly Hair With Straws


0:06 hi i'm danielle Valiente with atmosphere

0:10 salon and our topic is how to get curly

0:14 hair with straws I've got two ways to

0:18 show you to wrap hair with straws to get

0:21 curls and each are going to give you a

0:23 different curl pattern the first one now

0:26 I've taken about five straws and grouped

0:30 them together and secure them on each

0:32 end with an elastic the reason I did

0:34 that is just to make it a bigger curl

0:36 pattern rather than a tighter one if you

0:39 want tight curls you can use just one

0:41 straw but if you want it a little bit

0:43 bigger then group them together as I

0:45 have here next I'm going to take the

0:49 straw in vertically and twist the hair

0:54 around the straw and what I love about

0:57 this technique if you let the hair kind

1:01 of coil as you're wrapping it around I

1:04 love this technique because it gives you

1:06 those fun Taylor Swift curls so these

1:11 are great for that and what's nice about

1:12 this is that you're achieving the curls

1:15 without the use of heat so if you're

1:18 concerned with the application of heat

1:21 to your hair then this is a great way to

1:23 get the curls so it's coiled all the way

1:28 down and I've secured the ends with an

1:30 elastic and then also using the bent

1:33 part of the straw on the top to keep

1:36 that from unwinding and then you just

1:40 let it sit and dry completely when you

1:42 take it out you remove the elastic and

1:45 let it unwind instead of just pulling it

1:48 out so that you don't create knots and

1:50 what you'll end up with with that is

1:53 those beautiful coiled Taylor Swift

1:55 curls the other way is I've taken two

2:00 straws and secured them with an elastic

2:02 at the top and then just bend out the

2:05 ends a little bit not too much but to

2:08 create a little V

2:12 and place the hair in between the V wrap

2:17 the hair around one side and then wrap

2:20 it around the other so you're creating

2:21 what we call a figure 8 curl you can

2:26 also do this with bobby pins as well if

2:30 you want a tighter curl that is expanded

2:37 a bit more but when you use the straws

2:39 because they're a little bit bigger the

2:43 curl you're going to end up with is more

2:46 of a wave curl as opposed to a looped

2:51 curl and depending on how tight you you

2:59 the product is that you do it on if you

3:01 do it on a straw it's going to be a

3:03 little bit looser if you do it on a

3:05 bobby pin it's going to be much tighter

3:06 so it will expand more but this just

3:09 creates a nice figure 8 curl that gives

3:12 you a nice wavy curl when it's removed

3:15 when you remove it same thing keep the

3:17 ends together slide out the elastic and

3:20 let the hair just slip right out of the

3:23 straw and that is how to get curly hair

3:27 with straws two different ways

3:33 you