How to Get Balsamic Vinegar Out of a Silk Shirt

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There are few things as frustrating as trying to get a stain out of clothing. What is more frustrating is trying to get a stain out of silk clothing. Silk clothing often is worn on special occasions or reserved for certain events. So when silk gets stained, getting it out becomes a top priority. There are several methods to get a balsamic vinegar stain out of a silk shirt.

Lay the shirt out on a flat surface with the stain facing up so that you can see it.

Dab a little club soda on a soft rag. Going in slow, concentric circles, rub the outside of the shirt where the stain is, and be careful not to rub too hard. After every four or five circles, dab a little more of the club soda on the rag. This process should take about 20 to 100 circles, depending on how much of the balsamic vinegar is on the shirt. Balsamic vinegar sets relatively quickly, so this should be done shortly after the stain is made.

Once most of the stain on the outside has been rubbed off, turn the shirt inside out, and repeat the same process on the inside of the shirt directly on the other side of the stain. Gently rub in circles about 20 to 50 times -- there will be less of a stain on the inside of the shirt -- and let it sit for about an hour to three hours. If the stain is still there when it is dried, complete the same process a second time, which should get rid of the stain.