How to Get an Infant Flower Girl Down the Aisle

by Jennie Dalcour ; Updated September 28, 2017

Flower babies may need an early escort out from the ceremony.

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Weddings are filled with beautiful symbols of love and family, and nothing represents those concepts like a beloved baby serving as flower girl. An infant flower girl may be adorable, but you must make plans for her procession to the altar. A flower-laden wagon can be the perfect vehicle to carry your flower baby down the aisle in style.

Decorate the wagon that will be used to pull the infant. Use cushions to support the flower baby that coordinate with the wedding colors. Attach individual flowers or small bouquets to the outside of the wagon with floral wire or tape.

Seat a close family member in the front row of seats to take care of the baby during the ceremony. She can exit the ceremony with the flower baby if the infant begins to cry.

Have a bridesmaid, junior bridesmaid, usher or the baby’s mother pull the wagon down the aisle. She can hand the baby over to the baby’s caregiver in the front row.


  • A bridesmaid, usher, or the infant’s mother can carry the flower girl down the aisle if the wedding is too formal for a wagon. Make sure the infant is well-fed and well-rested before the ceremony.

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