How to Get a Thin Goatee to Fill In

Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images

Growing facial hair has been a popular method of displaying individuality and style for centuries. While many men are able to grow beards easily, some find their facial hair grows thinly or in uneven patches. Unfortunately, there is no effective way of stimulating facial hair growth. However, there are several tips and techniques you can use to create a fashionable look using your existing beard.

Allow your beard to grow for four full weeks before starting to shape it into a goatee. Do not be tempted to trim or cut it in any way because you will need to see where growth is strongest and where, if anywhere, there is patchy growth.

Choose a style to suit your face and hair growth pattern. Look in a mirror and take note of any thin areas or patches of strong growth. Choose a style that uses the hair that can be easily grown. If, for example, there are patchy areas on the chin, a style such as an "anchor," trimmed in the shape of its namesake, may be the best option. If the whole face is patchy then a smaller "soul patch," a small, square beard immediately below the lip, may be a good choice. Use what you have available.

Take a shower and wash your beard with a hair thickening shampoo. Rinse off the soap and apply a beard conditioner.

Pat your beard dry with a towel, allow it to dry naturally in the air or use a hairdryer to add extra volume, but be careful as a hairdryer may be harsh on your skin.

Wet your face with warm water then apply a thick layer of lather using a good quality shaving cream. Shave the exposed areas of your face, starting with your cheeks, using a good quality razor with a sharp blade.

Use hair trimmers and scissors to shape your goatee into the desired form. If your hair is thin, always trim it in the direction of hair growth. Start by using an attachment that only removes a small amount of hair. You can always remove more later if desired but it is impossible to replace it once removed.

Gently comb your beard, using a wide-toothed comb, in the direction of growth.

Use a hair dye to color your goatee and make it more noticeable. This is really only a viable option if you already have some good growth. Using dye on thin or wispy hair may look worse than before or result in an unnatural look. Always follow the manufacturer's directions when applying hair dye.

Avoid using makeup or theatrical powder to fill in patchy areas. Although a useful technique for the stage, their effect close up is poor and can be very noticeable. Makeup, even theatrical makeup, tends to leak its color and run with sweat or other body oils.