How to Get a Perfect Outdoor Tan

Tanning is popular all around the world, from the glamorous celebrity to an everyday person just looking for a healthier look. While over-tanning is dangerous and can harm the skin, using the right, safe tanning methods can help you achieve your desired look. You can get this perfect outdoor tan without ever stepping inside of a tanning booth or tanning salon.

Avoid tanning during the sun's peak hours. Tan earlier in the morning or around 3 or 4 p.m. to avoid the strongest and most dangerous of the sun's rays.

Evenly turn your body over during your tan. If you lie on your back for 30 minutes, turn around to lie on your front for 30 minutes, so that the tan spreads evenly across the exposed areas.

Use a bronzing lotion. Apply a light layer of the lotion over your skin evenly to achieve the same results over your body. Avoid missing spots and leaving blotches of lotion or getting wet and allowing patches of lotion to rinse off.

Keep your skin moisturized. Shower before tanning and use moisturizing lotion before, during and after your tanning sessions to retain the tan.

Use tan-extending lotion following your tan or after you shower later. This will help to naturally trap the tan onto your skin longer than the color would normally stay.