How to Get A Natural Face Lift

Getting a natural face lift is possible without having to consider getting surgery or buying facelift kits. In fact, if you take 3-5 minutes out of your day you can visibly notice tightening and toning within your facial structure just by doing a few face lift exercises.

While many opt for a quick solution by doing surgery or buying creams, the results can sometimes be extreme making you look like someone different. Doing face lift exercises will put everything back in place by making you look like your natural self, now with more confidence to put your best face forward.

TIGHTEN UP OVERALL FACE MUSCLES Begin by puckering mouth, like you are going to whistle. Continue by forcing your mouth forward with eyes shut. Hold position for 20 seconds. Then open eyes and mouth as wide as possible, like you are shouting and are surprised, for 20 seconds. Repeat whole exercise for 2 minutes.


Look up at the ceiling, take your tongue and press it up on the front roof of your mouth. Hold for about 15 seconds and release. Repeat exercise for 2 minutes.

Begin by placing one hand on the base of the neck, stretched across the collar bone. Hold hand down and extend the neck by letting the chin lead while stretching jaw towards upwards. Instead of swallowing, reach bottom lip towards the ceiling like a gulping fish. Make 10 "gulps".


Start by shutting eyes firmly while placing thumbs at the outer corners of the eyes. Gently pull the skin towards your temples. Pause and repeat exercise for 2 minutes.

This time, open up the eyes and look up for one counts, and down for another counts as far as they eyes can got without moving the head. Do the same to the left and right. At the end, stare ahead.