How to Get a Man to Have Sex


0:00 hi I'm dr. joann bird licensed mental

0:02 health counselor and I'm dr. chuck burd

0:04 registered nurse and we're both board

0:06 certified clinical sexologist and today

0:08 we're going to be talking to you about

0:09 how to get your man to have sex and so

0:12 the very first thing you need to figure

0:13 out is what's getting in the way of him

0:15 wanting to be sexual so we suggest you

0:18 talk with him to find out could it be

0:20 that he's stressed as he anxious or

0:22 depressed is is their relationship

0:23 issues going on or could it be that he's

0:26 avoiding some other sexual behavior

0:29 problem you also want to find out if

0:32 there's something medical causing him

0:33 not to want to have sex is he taking

0:35 antidepressants does he have low

0:37 testosterone need to talk to your doctor

0:39 in order to find out if there's

0:40 something causing that and one thing you

0:42 may want to try also is tried discussing

0:45 what you both desire when it comes to

0:48 sexuality what is it you both want when

0:51 it comes to sex and maybe even try

0:53 talking about each other sexual

0:55 fantasies you also want to try something

0:57 new and novel in terms of sexuality and

0:59 this can be something like reading

1:02 erotica together or even dressing out so

1:05 these are just a few suggestions we have

1:07 on how to get your man to have sex i'm

1:09 dr. chuck burd and i'm dr. joann bird as

1:11 always wishing you more connection and

1:13 passion in your relationship