How to Get a Knee Tattoo

How to Get a Knee Tattoo. You have a killer design for a tattoo. And you've figured out the perfect place to highlight it: your knee. But your friends and family give you a funny look when you describe where you want your tattoo. If you do decide to go with a knee tattoo, there are some things to keep in mind.

Remember, places with shallow bones, like your knees, are going to be more sensitive than other places. You may want to go with a smaller design on your knee.

Watch out for the reflex spot. This is the spot your doctor hits on your knee to make your knee kick out a little to test your reflexes. Depending on where your tattoo is, your tattoo artist may hit it. They should know when they hit it, and know enough to stop tattooing so they don't accidentally ruin your tattoo.

Consider the clothing you'll wear for the next few days after getting your knee tattoo. Ideally, after getting any tattoo, you shouldn't have clothing rubbing up against it. But clothes constantly rub up against the knees especially when sitting. Consider getting your tattoo done during the summer if you can wear shorts to work.