How to Get a Cosmetic Face Lift for Free

Cosmetic surgery is both painful and expensive and not covered by insurance companies, unless the cosmetic surgery is to reconstruct a face after an accident. Hollywood cosmetic surgeons making millions off of vanity; but for those of us with recession-stricken pockets, removing wrinkles and giving our face a lift can come at little to no costs through the use of common household products.

Chop a few strawberries, grapes, slices of an orange, and apple slices until fine and place in a bowl. Mix in enough honey to create a thick paste and stir with a spoon. Rub the mixture onto your face, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before washing it away with water.

Use exfoliating cleansers and exfoliating scrub pads daily to remove dirt and dead-skin cells from the surface of the face. When the pores are emptied of residue, the face receives better circulation and wrinkles are prevented.

Massage the face with your fingertips; not only does it feel good but it removes and prevents wrinkles. Just as exercise will keep a large person from having flabby skin once they have lost weight, massaging the face will work the muscles and skin of the face to reduce wrinkles that result when fat is lost from the face as we age.

Apply facial lotion to the skin each night after washing the face. Lotion on the skin keeps moisture in the face, preventing wrinkles. People with oily skin actually suffer fewer wrinkles than those with normal or dry skin.

Rub hemorrhoid cream onto wrinkles in the morning before applying makeup. Hemorrhoid cream works to shrink and contract hemorrhoids and will work the same on any area of the skin it is applied to. Apply hemorrhoid cream under the eyes to contract the skin and reduce puffiness. Rub the cream in well and apply makeup as usual.

Dab buttermilk onto the skin one night a week and massage it into the pores. Sleep with the buttermilk on your face and allow it to dry. As the buttermilk dries it contracts, tightening the skin on your face and shrinking wrinkles. Wash away the buttermilk in the morning.

Mask your face in plain yogurt for half an hour once a week. Yogurt enzymes work to eat bacteria on the skin and to tighten it.