How to Fry Eggplant


0:00 hello this is Karim from shakes Bank so

0:02 right now we're going to be frying

0:04 eggplant so some of the ingredients that

0:07 we're going to need are obviously our

0:09 trusty and eggplant a knife and egg a

0:17 cup or so of breadcrumbs we'll see how

0:20 much the eggplant deals three

0:22 tablespoons of canola oil in a skillet

0:26 and this is just a mixing bowl so right

0:30 now I'm going to peel my eggplant and

0:32 cut it into strips saw an eggplant right

0:40 now is peeled I'm going to go ahead and

0:43 slice my not the way I like it

0:45 just kind of similar I guess you would

0:49 say to french fries

0:58 I think my strips are a little long I'm

1:02 gonna go ahead and cut them in half just

1:04 to make them a little bit more

1:06 manageable for me there we go

1:13 take them and I'm gonna put them in my

1:15 egg I'm gonna take my spoon make a nice

1:19 light coating of egg see that so now

1:30 that xn is nicely coated with egg I'm

1:37 gonna go ahead and measure out this

1:38 start off with a cup of the bag crumbs

1:42 I'm gonna go ahead and add this into a

1:44 bowl like so and I'm just gonna dump the

1:52 contents in here just to coat it great

2:04 already I can see this thing's ready

2:12 I have my oil on high I turn it down to

2:16 maybe a medium look at that you don't

2:24 want to crowd your pot or your pan

2:27 rather I guess you can call them

2:32 eggplant fries but they are really just

2:34 right at eggplant so like magic I guess

2:39 we fry up these eggplants and they're

2:42 looking pretty good