How to Fringe Denim

by Si Kingston

Many designers create denim apparel with fringed ends. This style is especially popular with denim shorts. A fringed end creates an unkempt look for the garment. This look goes in and out of popularity, but it is often sold at a handsome price in the store. To save money, create your own fringed ends. This will also allow you to reuse an old pair of jeans or another denim garment.

Items you will need

  • Scissors
  • Laundry detergent
  • Washer
  • Dryer
Step 1

Cut the edge of the denim fabric, parallel to and above the hem. If cutting a pair of denim jeans to create shorts, cut each leg to create the short length that you prefer. Make sure the lengths of both legs are equal.

Step 2

Wash the denim material in the washing machine with warm water and standard laundry detergent. The wash will begin to fringe the edges of the material.

Step 3

Put the denim in the dryer. Set the temperature according to the fabric instructions, or place it on medium heat. Once you remove them from the dryer, the cut ends will be fringed.

Step 4

Pull the ends of the denim with your finger to create more fringe at the ends of the fabric.

Step 5

Cut the longer fringe or straggly threads away with scissors.

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