How to French Braid Pigtails

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French-braided pigtails are an adorable and practical look for young girls. They also keep the hair out of the way during work and play. While French-braided pigtails tend to be a bit too juvenile for adults to wear on a regular basis, they are extremely helpful on days when you are cleaning, hiking or outside playing with the kids.

Brush your hair thoroughly. Braids work best on hair that is tangle-free and as smooth as possible.

Divide your hair into two sections. Half of your hair should be in one section and half in another. You can divide your hair evenly by running the brush down the middle of the back of your head, then combing from the middle of the back of your head toward the side. This will help you create an even part.

Rubber-band one of the sections. This will keep the hair in this section out of the way until you are ready to braid it.

Pull all the hair in the loose section forward. It should hang over your shoulder.

Separate three small sections at your temple. These sections should be no bigger across than your thumb. Smaller sections will make the braid look more elaborate and larger sections will help you finish faster and result in a simpler braid.

Braid the three sections together. Each time you bring a section toward the middle, add a little more hair to the braid. This will cause the braid to "travel" down the side of the head.

Braid until you run out of hair. At some point you will have no more hair to add. Keep braiding in a normal braid until you reach the tips of the last pieces of hair.

Secure the end of the braid with a small rubber hair band. Some people like to leave loose hair at the end of their braids, while others prefer to braid right down to the very tips. You can select which style you prefer.

Pull out the rubber hair band holding the unbraided section of hair. You may need to brush this section again.

Pull the loose section forward so that the hair is draped in front of your shoulder.

Separate three sections of hair at your temple. These sections should be the same size as they were in the first braid to avoid an uneven look.

Braid the sections together. Each time you pull a section toward the middle of the braid, add a little more hair. Again, braid as you did on the first braid so that your look is even.

Secure the end of the braid with a small rubber hair band. This braid should stop at about the same spot that the first one did.

Smooth stray ends. You can mist the hair lightly with water to smooth down stray ends. Some people prefer hairspray, but hairspray is not necessary for most children's hairstyles.