How to Freeze Fruit Pies


0:01 hi this is Greg - Michael the executive

0:04 chef of the Hudson LA today I'm going to

0:06 show you how to freeze fruit pies what

0:09 you'll need is a ziploc bag and a

0:12 delicious fruit pie we're here in the

0:15 restaurant I use it block bags

0:16 quite a bit more than I use plastic wrap

0:19 ziplock bag to me I get at least three

0:21 to four more days shelf-life of all my

0:23 proteins my meats my seafoods

0:25 my produce my herbs it's great to have

0:28 it's great to have in your house so you

0:29 might want to look into that little tip

0:32 take the fruit pie once it's cooled down

0:35 and just add it right into the Ziploc

0:39 try to get as much air out as possible

0:45 let's seal it it's ready to go into the

0:49 freezer

0:53 my name is Greg the Michael and that's

0:54 how you freeze fruit pies