How to Fold Notes Into a Star

origami rose image by Unclesam from

Folding a note into a star, or creating a star using origami on a note, not only hides the information in the note, but it also creates a cute note that is fun to pass to friends. Folding the star requires starting with a square of paper rather than a rectangle, so write the note on square paper or cut it down to a square before writing on the paper.

Turn the paper so the note side is facing upward. Fold the paper along one diagonal and then open it back up. Fold along the other diagonal and open it again. This creates two creases.

Fold the paper in the middle to create a crease along the vertical and horizontal sides. There are now four creases on the paper.

Fold one corner to the center of the paper, called a valley fold. Repeat with the other three corners.

Turn the paper so it is a square, then fold in half so the corners of the paper are inside.

Hold the sides in the middle and pull them together. The paper forms a folded diamond shape with the open side facing down.

Valley fold the outer flaps of the paper toward the center on one side.

Fold down the top of the paper at the crease. Pull out the flaps on top.

Pull the top layer of paper upward. Let the sides fall toward the center while folding.

Fold the top flap downward in a valley fold. Turn the paper onto the other side.

Fold the top flap upward in a valley fold. Repeat steps 6 through 9 on the other side.

Pull the side flaps out and spread them. Spread apart the top flaps. The star is completed after spreading it apart.