How to Fluff a Ski Jacket

How to Fluff a Ski Jacket. One of the biggest problems with a ski outfit is a jacket with a limp, stiff look and no fluff after it has been washed. Washing and drying the jacket the proper way will eliminate that problem and leave you with the look you originally purchased.

Check the jacket for stains. If you have grease stains on the jacket, treat them with Gojo or another oil-based hand cleaner.

Put the jacket into the washer on a gentle setting. Use a detergent for special care fabrics if the jacket is down filled. Always follow the manufacturer's label instructions.

Throw one or two tennis balls in the dryer, or add freshly cleaned tennis shoes. Put the ski jacket in and dry on the manufacturer's recommended setting. The tennis balls or shoes will beat on the jacket while drying and make certain that the down does not clump in any area.

Hang the jacket in a spot that it can breathe when it's dry.