How to Fix Down Jackets

David J Spurdens/Digital Vision/Getty Images

You're hiking at a brisk pace on your favorite trail, perhaps thinking about how much you love your down jacket, when you hear a horrible ripping sound that drops your heart into your stomach. As the feathers clear, you come to the realization that you'll have to fix the tear or get rid of the jacket. Not to worry -- with a little bit of concentration, time and effort, you can repair your down jacket and benefit from its warmth again.

Apply a temporary and quick patch immediately after the rip to prevent any more feathers from escaping. Use anything from quick stitching to duct tape. If you use duct tape, you will then use an acetone-based solvent like nail polish to remove the glue before a more permanent fix.

Locate a source for down and buy the amount that you need to replace that missing from your jacket. Check your local outdoor outfitter or an online source. (See resources.) Alternatively, you can look in any feather pillows you have at home.

Fill the damaged part of your jacket with the appropriate amount of down or feathers. Sew the rip with nylon stitching using an overhand stitch. If you have difficulty sewing, use straight pins or butterfly bandages to hold the rip together while you are sewing.

Coat the stitching with a repair adhesive, such as Seam Grip or a similar product. For added protection, use a ripstop nylon patch to prevent any material from escaping through your stitching holes, and to prevent any potential further ripping.