How to Fit Wrangler Original Jeans

by Andrea Lott Haney

Wrangler brand jeans, part of parent company VF Corporation, which also owns Lee Riders, JanSport and Nautica, promote western traditions and styles for men, women and kids. Wrangler Cowboy Cut Original Fit jeans for men hold the title of the "Official ProRodeo Competition Jeans." The 100-percent cotton heavyweight denim jeans feature traditional five-pocket fabrication and are available in several colors and finishes. Find your correct size in advance to save time at the store and skip the fitting room.

Items you will need

  • Measuring tape
  • Partner
Step 1

Measure your waist at the natural waistline. Because Wrangler Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jeans sit at the natural waist and not below it, you'll want to ask your partner to run the measuring tape around your middle at the natural waist. Pull the tape snug but not tight.

Step 2

Measure your inseam. Stand up straight with your legs shoulder-width apart. Ask your partner to run the measuring tape from the inside of one upper thigh to the floor and record the measurement.

Step 3

Choose your size jeans using your waist and inseam measurements. Wrangler Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jeans come in whole waist sizes between 30 and 54 inches for 30-, 32- and 34-inch inseams and a smaller number of waist sizes for 29- to 44-inch inseams.


  • Not all sizes are available in all colors. Check with retailers in your area to determine which sizes are offered in the color you like.


  • All Wrangler brand jeans are warranted for one year against defective workmanship. Contact Wrangler customer relations at (888) 784-8571 if your believe you have a warranty claim after purchasing your Wrangler Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jeans.

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