How to Find Women's Clothes Sized for men

How to Find Women's Clothes Sized for men. Men wear women's clothes for a number of reasons. Whether a man is acting in a play or just plain enjoy dressing like a woman, a problem arises from the fact that most men are larger than women. It can be hard to find women's clothes in those bigger men's sizes.

Decide what kind of woman you want to dress like. If you want to be a completely different shape from the one you are naturally, you may have to add to your shopping list. Products such as girdles are body-shaping garments that serve as a foundation for the clothes everyone will see.

Consult a conversion table to figure out what size of clothing or shoe you will need. This can be a difficult task because men and women's size standards are quite different. For example, a man's 11 D shoe size works out to a woman's size 13 M. Figuring out what sizes you need for each garment saves you a lot of time trying things on.

Visit a store dedicated to serving very tall or plus-sized women. This is a good place to find women's clothes that are larger than the ones you'll find in most department stores. They will also have a larger selection, as they serve a number of different types of women and people with different tastes.

Ask your local theater. People in theater use such clothing on a routine basis. Your local theater can tell you where they order such clothing.

Visit the Cross Dressing Apparel website (see Resources) or another website that sells women's clothes sized for men. Peruse through the selection of clothing types they offer and select the clothes that are right for you.