How to Find Wall Street-Themed Decorations

by Nate Lee

The Wall Street Bull covered in a light layer of snow.

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Whether it is for an office, the set of a play or a themed party, you have many iconic images to choose from for Wall Street decorations. Besides the traditional bull and bear, you can decorate with up and down arrows, computer-like stock prices, the Wall Street sign, dollar symbols or play money.

Vary Your Search Terms

To decorate the desk or bookshelf of a Wall Street office, search for Wall Street gifts or similar terms. Otherwise, vary your search terms with the specific symbols -- such as bull and bear -- or search under stock exchange, NASDAQ or New York financial district. You may even want to try “one-percenters” -- which refers to those in the top 1 percent of the nation economically -- if that is your angle.

Posters, Tickers and Play Money

Search for posters, particularly 1929 stock-market crash posters. Old-fashioned pictures of Charles Dow and Edward Jones, of the Dow Jones or the always scowling early-20th-century financier J.P. Morgan are also available online at poster or art sites. Antique stock tickers may be expensive, but try searching for a fake one, or a picture of one. For a party, find or print out old copies of the "Wall Street Journal" to use as place mats. Search "money party" for play money, and put the fake money everywhere. Fasten $100,000 bills to an indoor money tree.

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