How to Find Pickled Bologna Made by Fischer's Packing Company

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Pickled bologna made by Fischer's Packing Company is a very specific food that may only be found in certain stores. This food may be hard to find, but it is not impossible. If you are patient and utilize all resources, especially store employees, you should have no problem finding this product.

The first place you should look for this specific type of bologna is your regular grocery store. Make sure to go to the bigger stores. Big super-grocery stores with multiple sections are more likely to have this specific food than smaller grocery stores. Chain stores like Giant, Safeway and Shoppers are also more likely to have this food than local grocery stores. Your best bet is to visit one of these stores and asking one of the employees to see if they carry the pickled bologna.

If you do not find the pickled bologna at one of the big chain grocery stores, try looking at a specialty grocery store that specifically sells meats. This will increase your chances of finding this specific brand of pickled bologna. Stores that have a variety of the same type of meat are likely to have this variety of bologna.

If you still have not been able to find pickled bologna made by Fischer's Packing Company at any store, try looking on the Internet. Many Internet resources are likely to have this specialty food. Marketplace specifically sells Fischer's Packing Company's pickled bologna in 40 oz. packages.