How to Find Past Season Coach Purse Collections

The Coach brand name is one of the most coveted in the designer handbag industry. Coach bags appeal to a wide range of age and economic groups. While some designer bags can cost upwards of $1,000, coach has a lower (albeit expensive) price point at around $300 to $400 as of 2010. Each season Coach rolls out a new line of handbags. Usually there is more than one major design theme, leading to dozens of new styles. Once the new season begins, previous season bags go on sale. This is a great way to get a Coach bag at a discounted price. As long as you know who to call, and where to look, finding a past season Coach bag is simple.

Find the name of your bag. This may be difficult to do if the bag is more than one or two seasons old. You may have to start with a broad search at a used or discount online retailer like eBay or Amazon. Look through the retailer's selection to find the name of the bag.

Call your local Coach retailer or boutique to see if the bag is in stock. If the shop has it, you've found your bag. If it's not in stock or if the bag you are looking for is more than one season old, proceed to Step 3.

Call the nearest Coach outlet. Coach outlets exist throughout the country and are the best way to purchase an out-of-season bag from Coach. Once you know the name of the bag, you can ask the outlet if they have the style available. If they do not have the style, proceed to Step 4.

Search on eBay, Amazon or another online bag retailer to find the bag. This may be your best bet if no stores or outlets carry the bag. Past season bags are always available through online vendors, and if you know what you're looking for, you can narrow down your search.