How to Find Outdoor Bonfire Party Games and Fun Things to Do at a Bonfire

If you are planning a bonfire party, you will want to plan fun outdoor bonfire party games and other exciting things to do at the bonfire.

There are many types of activities and things to do at a bonfire. You might want to stick to outdoor bonfire party games, or you may decide on doing other things at the bonfire beyond just games. Select your activities based on age of bonfire attendants, type of bonfire, type of party and your own general preference.

Be Safe!

Before planning bonfire party games or activities, the first thing to remember is to be safe. Bonfires can be dangerous - make sure your party attendants are responsible and aware of the dangers of fire.

You can turn being safe at a bonfire into a game. You can give over a brief talk about bonfire safety and then play a trivia game with younger children. If party attendants are older, you can play a scenario type game where you think of different scenarios relating to bonfire safety and teams have to decide the best way to deal with them. The idea is to get your party attendants involved and interested in being safe. Be sure not to make a joke out of the safety issue though.

Plan bonfire party games around preparing the bonfire

Preparing the bonfire can be a fun bonfire game.

Things to do at a bonfire related to building the bonfire include: - Have children collect sticks for the bonfire - Divide the children into teams and see which team collects the most sticks or bonfire wood - Divide the party attendants into teams and let each team build their own bonfire - see whose bonfire is the biggest (Make sure each team is supervised carefully)

Prepare bonfire food

Preparing the food for a bonfire is also a good bonfire activity that can even be turned into a fun outdoor bonfire game.

You can collect sticks to barbeque marshmellow on. You can have the party attendants prepare skewers in creative ways. You can even let older children cook the food on the fire itself. (You might need a separate barbecue unit to cook the food on.)

You can play food games like who can barbecue the most perfect hot dog in the bonfire or who can keep their hot dog on the stick without it falling off.

Play throw things into the fire games

Another thing to do at a bonfire is throwing things inside. Remembering again to be safe, there are plenty of interesting things you can throw in a bonfire. You can make the bonfire educational and try throwing in various types of branches, leaves, pieces of clothing, etc. and see which burns the fastest.

You can play an outdoor bonfire game where everyone writes something on a piece of paper that they hate. Then they read it outloud and throw the paper in the bonfire. (Note: The game does not have to be hateful. Try to make it funny. If you think the game will get personal, just let the party attendants write down names of foods they hate to limit them. It will still be funny to have children read out "broccoli" or "peanut butter and jelly sandwiches" and then throw the paper into the fire.)

Play bonfire games with water

It gets hot around the bonfire, so another good bonfire thing to do is to make outdoor bonfire party games that involve water. You can buy some spray bottles and have children spray each other. You can bring with wash clothes and have children dip them in water and throw them at each other as well.

You can also play ice party games at the bonfire. For example, you can bring with a big tub of ice cubes. Each party attendant has to let one melt down his back. Whoever can stand it gets a prize.