How to Find Local Gay Bars

How to Find Local Gay Bars. Gay bars are excellent locations for meeting that special someone, enjoying a night out with a few good friends or just hooking up with someone for a few hours. These bars are places where gay people can come and openly be themselves in an environment that feels safe and comfortable. This isn't always easy to find in today's political and cultural environment, which is why gay bars hold such special places in the hearts of those in the gay community. If you'd like to visit a local gay bar, it's easy to learn how to find one.

Read your community's free local paper. These publications have reputations for being very liberal and supportive of the gay community. It's not unusual to find ads for gay bars in these papers, or references to them in the articles.

Ask your gay friends where the bars are. Chances are, at least a few of them will know.

Go to your local gay outreach center and ask a staff member there. Depending on the resources of the center, you may be able to get a printed listing of local gay bars, flyers advertising these bars or a map highlighting the locations of gay-friendly establishments in town. Of course, you may also simply get verbal information from a staff member.

Visit bars that have unique names that might be suggestive of a gay-friendly culture. Once inside the bars, look around and notice the ratio of same-sex couples to opposite-sex couples. Also take note of whether any same-sex couples are being openly affectionate with each other. If the place seems gay-friendly, it may be a gay bar.

Try for gay bar information (see Resources below).