How to Find Local Events

How to Find Local Events. Whether you're looking to make new friends, explore different interest or just have some fun, check out local events in your area. Use these steps to get organized and find the a variety of local events to attend.

Talk to those in your social circle. Family, friends and even neighbors can be reliable sources of community information. Determine if your neighborhood as a community recreational or arts center.

Listen to the local radio stations. Bar and nightclub events are usually advertised on the radio. Local TV news stations often cover upcoming parades, festivals and fairs. Cable TV also has community events featured on a certain channel.

Read the newspaper in your area or community. Most regional newspapers offer a calendar of events and activities happening in nearby areas.

Search your local resources. State and local travel and tourism web sites provide information on local events. Check online at the state's homepage for Parks and recreational websites for free events for adults, families and children.

Connect with others through social websites such as (see Resource section below). Locate extensive listings of community activities.

Join a club. Consider your hobbies and interests, then find a local club. Clubs are available in almost any area of interest and often feature social events all year round. Look online for the local YMCA closests to your neighborhood.

Visit libraries and grocery stores. Public bulletin boards containing flyers and information on local events are normally listed.