How to Find Discontinued Perfume

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You found your favorite perfume. You've been wearing it for years. It's your signature scent. Unfortunately, you just found out it's discontinued. While you can stock up, you don't have to as many outlets exist to sell products that regular retail outlets no longer provide. If you didn't stock up, don't fret. Buy your discontinued perfume and continue to use your signature scent.

Try online auction sites. These sites provide a way to find outdated, discontinued and vintage anything. With an online auction, you also have the advantage of finding a great deal as it's likely more than one person is selling your perfume and they will compete against each other for your sale. Look at feedback on the seller before purchasing to avoid buying fraudulent goods.

Check perfume discounters or brokers online. A variety of outlets sell only discontinued perfume. Use these sites to stock up, or once a month or quarter to replenish your supply.

Consider a mimic of your regular perfume. If you can't find your favorite, personalized blends are available that can closely mimic the scent of the perfume you most enjoy. Online outlets as well as retail outlets in specialty malls provide a chance to keep you scented in your favorite way, even if it's not the brand you've always purchased.

Contact the perfume manufacturer. Sometimes, the creator of the fragrance can direct you to places to find your perfume.