How to Fillet Herring

A lot of people would like to skip filleting herring or any type of fish, since the process can be quite messy. Moreover, if you are not careful or knowledgeable enough in terms of filleting a fish, you can commit a lot of mistakes and end up with an ugly-looking fillet. Filleting a herring is a step-by-step process. You need to know where you should start cutting in order to come up with the best fillet. Once you are finished filleting the herring, you can mix it up with different ingredients to present the most delicious dishes.

Place paper towels on a flat surface. Place the herring on the paper towels to prepare it for filleting.

Use a sharp knife to cut off the head of the herring right below its fins. Drive the knife into the stomach line of the herring to cut it open.

Remove the insides or guts of the fish with your fingers, pulling them lightly. Place the guts inside a plastic bag for later disposal.

Use the blade of your knife to lightly scrape the inside of the herring in order to get rid of all the blood stuck in the fish’s meat. Do not scrape too hard so as not to cut the herring.

Cut the herring right along its spine with your knife to separate both sides. Remove the skin from both sides of the herring, pulling them lightly with your fingers.

Use your knife to cut the tail of the herring off and to lightly push up the bones from the herring fillet. Pull the spine gently using your fingers once you have successfully pushed it up with your knife. Do this as gently as you can to include the rest of the herring’s bones while you pull the spine.

Remove the rest of the huge bones using your hands before washing the fillet with clean water.