How to Fade Dark Blemishes on Skin

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From sun damage to natural aging to scarring from acne and other skin problems, there are many culprits behind dark spots and blemishes. Whatever the cause, you have several options for treating minor skin discoloration. Just be sure to introduce a new skin-care regimen slowly — test any new products on a small, inconspicuous area to make sure they won't irritate your skin and give each remedy a few weeks to yield results before trying a new tactic.

Wash with the right cleanser. Skin cleansers with glycolic or salicylic acids gently remove the outer layer of dead skin, revealing the healthier skin beneath. When the upper layer of skin is removed, some of the darker marks or blemishes are lightened in the process.

Exfoliate once a week. Use a gentle exfoliant on your skin once a week to help your skin renew itself and produce new skin cells. Don't over-exfoliate, as this can exacerbate the problem. Occasional exfoliating also opens up your skin so that creams and moisturizers can seep into problem areas better.

Use a lightening cream. There are many lightening and fade creams on the market. Opt for skin lighteners that come from natural organic sources. Be sure to apply the lightener daily for maximum blemish-fading results.

Avoid using skin lightening creams all over your face or body. First of all, you'll waste money — these creams are expensive and not meant to be used in the same way as a general moisturizer. Secondly, you may end up lightening the surrounding skin, which just emphasizes the dark blemishes. Opt for targeted spot treatment instead.

Try lemon juice. Lemon juice has been used for centuries in skin and hair lightening. Lemons achieve a natural bleaching effect without harsh chemicals. Avoid direct sunlight after applying lemon juice to your skin.

Prevent age and sun spots. The main culprit behind dark blemishes is the sun. Always apply sunscreen and cover areas that will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. You don't want all your hard work in removing skin spots to be for nothing.