How to Engrave on Sneakers

Sneaker Culture image by FotoWorx from

Whichever sneakers you have, chances are someone has the same ones. That is why customizing your sneakers is a great way to express your individuality to make you stand out from other people. Engraving your sneakers is one way to customize your sneakers. Choose a pattern, gather the right tools and you will be able to give your shoes a brand new look. While it can take some patience and effort, the results are a completely individual, personalized shoe.

Choose a design. It can be images, letters, words, phrases or anything you want.

Draw out the pattern on a piece of paper.

Clean the shoe that you are going to be engraving. Go over the shoes with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. You should also ensure that dirt is cleaned off.

Let the alcohol dry or wipe it all off with a paper towel before using the wood burning tool.

Draw your pattern onto the sneakers.

Engrave the sneakers with a wood burning tool that has a thin tip that you can "draw" with. When using the wood burning tool, make sure you do not hold it in one area for too long. Keep the tool moving, and do not press too hard or else the design will be uneven or will turn out badly.