How to Eat Snails

How to Eat Snails. Snails, also called escargot, are typically served on odd looking plates with strange utensils. Knowing a little snail etiquette can save a lot of embarrassment.

Anticipate a snail. Expect six snails with shells intact when ordering escargot.

Examine the plate. Six cavities hold each snail in place. A rim prevents spillage of the garlic butter sauce.

Locate utensils. Proper etiquette calls for snail tongs and a slender two-pronged snail fork. Find these to the right of the plate.

Select a snail. Use the tongs to grip and hold the shell in place.

Remove the meat. Use the snail fork to pull out the contents of the shell.

Experience the snail. Appreciate the texture. fresh snails are a bit rubbery, while canned snails are more tender. Enjoy their delicate earthy taste.

Savor the sauce. Tear off a small piece of dinner roll. Using the snail fork, dip the roll into the sauce. Repeat until the sauce or roll is gone.