How to Eat Hot Cheetos

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Frito-Lay is the company that manufactures the snack food Hot Cheetos. This particular snack is similar to typical Cheetos in the sense that it consists of a puffed and fried corn snack, however, a bright, spicy red flavoring covers each Cheeto, making the snack hot and spicy. While there's technically no right or wrong way to consume such Cheetos, there are ways which are more and less healthy, and ways that will better complement the inherent flavor.

Direct Consumption

Pour out a single 1-ounce serving of Hot Cheetos. This is the equivalent to 33 Cheetos or half of a 2-ounce bag. A single serving has 170 calories and 11 grams of fat.

Eat the Cheetos slowly, taking your time to enjoy each one. Pair the Cheetos with a sweet drink, such as apple juice, apple cider, or ginger ale. This will help cut the spiciness. Milk-based drinks are an appropriate pairing as well, as drinks such as smoothies not only have a sweetness to them, but they contain milk that helps neutralizes the spiciness.

Pair the Cheetos with a healthy snack to get your taste buds used to appreciating healthy food as well as junk food. Pairing the Cheetos with a healthy snack also makes it less likely that you'll want to over snack on the Cheetos. For example, apple slices will help combat the spiciness of the Cheetos and still give you a similar crunch.

Spicy French Onion Soup

Open a bag of onion rings and place 12 of them in a microwavable bowl. Pour in 2 cups of water. Microwave the onion rings and water for 1 minute.

Place your bag of Hot Cheetos in a larger zipper-top bag. Pulverize the Cheetos with your hands or a rolling pin. Open the bags and shake the Cheetos carefully into your bowl of onion rings and water.

Mix the Cheetos in well with the broth. Garnish with a single onion ring in the center. You've now created a spicy, instant onion soup.