How to Dye Your Hair Blond with Household Items

natural blond hair. image by mdb from

Whether you decide to do it because of the sometimes harmful effects of chemical dyes, or because it's more affordable than visiting a salon, dyeing hair blond with household items is as simple as gathering the materials. Best of all, materials needed for this process are more than likely already in your pantry, making the at-home dyeing process virtually cost-free.

Dampen hair in the shower before beginning the dyeing process.

Mix one tbsp. lemon juice with one gallon of warm water in a medium bucket. If desired, wear rubber gloves to mix with your hands.

Rinse dampened hair with the mixture. Repeat rinse 15 times. Wrap a towel around your shoulders while rinsing to protect clothing from getting wet.

Allow the last rinse to sit on the head for 15 minutes. This will give the dye time to penetrate your hair.

Rinse hair completely with clear, running water. After rinsing, dry and style hair as usual.