How to Dye Synthetic Hair at Home

Adding synthetic hair to your style is an easy way to give your old style a lift. Additional hair can add color to your head without the commitment of long term dying and add length to short hair for special updos or long looks. Synthetic hair may not be available in your desired color and may require that you home dye it to achieve your style.

Select a color of fabric dye from your local retail store.

Prepare your hot water. Bring water to a rolling boil, and remove from the heat. Pour the amount of water suggested on your fabric dye package into your metal bowl.

Add fabric dye to your hot water, and gently stir to dissovle. Allow the mixture to cool until still hot to the touch but no longer steaming.

Put on gloves, and dip your synthetic hair into the dye mixture. Allow the hair to remain in the dye the recommended amount of time according to the packaging.

Rinse your synthetic hair under cool water until the water runs clear from the hair.

Place your synthetic hair in your second metal bowl, and cover with vinegar. Wearing your gloves, wash the hair in the vinegar. This will set the color into the hair.

Rinse the vinegar from the hair with cool running water. The hair is now ready to be weaved or braided.