How to Dry Boots

How to Dry Boots. If you tend to spend a lot of times out in the elements during bad weather, then you probably often need to dry wet boots. Wet boots are not only uncomfortable, but can pose a health risk as well. You should learn how to dry your boots without ruining the material of the shoes.

Take off the boots immediately. Once you are indoors, you want to start the drying process immediately, especially if you wish to use them again the following day.

Wait to clean them off. You want to dry them before you attempt to remove any dirt or debris.

Soak up the excess water that is inside of the boots. You can use wash cloths to do this. If you are out in the wilderness, then you can rely on newspapers to perform this task.

Place the boots in a dry and warm area. You can set them by the window or by the door of the house. You want to keep them away from a strong heat source like a fireplace or heater. Strong heat can damage the boots and make the material on the shoes harden.

Set them out for several hours or overnight until they have completely dried. Do not wear them until this occurs, if a boot remains wet for a long period of time, mold will begin to form.