How to Dress Up in 70s Clothes

tie-dyed shirts image by Jim Parkin from

The 1970's brought us mood rings and pet rocks, writers such as John Updike, Kurt Vonnegut and Toni Morrison, and cult classic TV shows such as The Brady Bunch. Fashion trends were wild, but getting that 70's look can easily be accomplished today.

Comb vintage clothing stores or teen fashion sections for a pair of bell-bottom or hip-hugger jeans, a polyester leisure suit or a micro-mini skirt. If you want a look from the late 70's, keep in mind that tight was the rule for jeans. Corduroy pants, if you can find them, are a reasonable substitution.

Add a tie-dyed t-shirt or one featuring your favorite 70's band, especially Led Zeppelin or KISS. Women can tie their shirts in the front to expose their mid-riffs, or find a smock top--try the maternity section of your local consignment store if you can't find one elsewhere.

Slip your feet into a pair of platform shoes, big foot boots or flip-flops. Clogs, Birkenstock sandals or high top sneakers are other fitting footwear choices.

Dress up the look with bangles, big hoop earrings, mood jewelry and bead chokers. Men need a chain or two. Add an oversized pair of aviator sunglasses a la Starsky & Hutch. Patches, and especially happy face patches, are a nice touch too.

Complete your ensemble with a bandana, worn as a kerchief on your head. You can also fold it in half to wear as a shirt, or continue folding it into a belt.