How to Dress to Hide a Weight Increase

by Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

How to Dress to Hide a Weight Increase. Everybody's weight fluctuates, and even a small weight gain can make your clothes not fit right anymore. If you find yourself in this situation now and then, it is a good idea to pack up and hold onto some "fat clothes." These are the clothes that you pull out of storage when you put on 5 to 10 lbs.

Step 1

Buy one size up for the right fit. After you wear them for your first weight fluctuation, these are the clothes that you store away as your "fat clothes." The biggest mistake that some people make when their weight increases is to keep wearing the same clothes that now fit them tight. To hide a weight gain, you have to dress in clothes that fit.

Step 2

Try everything on before buying it. Even if you were once a "perfect size 8," you aren't right now. Manufacturers cut and size their clothes differently, so try everything on and decide which clothes look best on your current body size and shape.

Step 3

Focus on your overall body shape when getting dressed, rather than focusing on your biggest flaw. If you think only about your large thighs when getting dressed, you end up hiding your thighs but forgetting to draw out your good qualities. Look at your silhouette in a mirror to see which parts of your body are the widest, then dress to even out your body.

Step 4

Experiment with colors. Although dark, solid colors such as black and blue do have a slimming effect, that does not mean you should avoid color altogether. Try out different colors to see which compliment you, then dress in the same color from head to toe. If you do mix colors, wear the darker color on the top or bottom depending on where your weight gain is most visible.

Step 5

Use accessories to your advantage. Large, bold accessories can make you appear smaller. Accessories also work well for drawing people's eyes to your best features.


  • To hide a weight increase that is concentrated on the upper part or your body, try V-neck or scoop neck tops, and single breasted jackets. Instead of tucking your shirt in, buy one that falls just below your waist. For extra weight on the lower part of your body avoid pleated pants and skirts. A-line skirts that stop just below the knee are a great choice. Solid colors do a better job of hiding a weight increase than do patterns. Avoid horizontal stripes, and stick to vertical stripes.


  • Over sized and large clothes are just as bad as clothes that are too small. Big, bulky clothing or clothes that fit too loose make you appear larger.