How to Dress Like a Girl Rockstar

by Sherry Morgan ; Updated September 28, 2017

Dressing like a girl rockstar allows you to transform your ordinary wardrobe into something new and exciting. You can take the clothing you already own and make it rockstar-worthy or buy new things altogether. Trying to find a new style is not easy, so inspiration is key. Before getting started, look through magazines for pictures of your favorite girl rockers to get an idea of your desired style. You can incorporate these ideas into your current look or start new. Let your inner rockstar shine as you begin your transformation.

Add a few highlights to your hair. Chose a color that is a complete contrast to your natural shade. Use a flat iron to flair out the ends of your hair. Wear headbands with black flowers or bows to add a cute rocker look to your design. Allow a few wisps of hair to hang freely to give your hairstyle a blown, messy look.

Shop at thrift or vintage stores to find old, unique clothing with slogans, advertisement or band logos.

Wear bright and darker colors to show contrast. Layer contrasting clothing that fits you well (and isn't too baggy). When layering, allow the bottom shirt to stick out so it's visible. Wear skinny jeans or a pair that's faded around the knees or frayed around your shoes.

Wear accessories, such as large, bright sunglasses, hoop earrings and long necklaces. Wear multicolored bangles on your wrist and an oversize watch.

Paint your fingernails and toenails bright colors to match your outfits.

Wear boots or high-top, laced shoes. Or, wear flats with skinny jeans.

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