How to Dress for an 1980s Dance Party

How to Dress for an 1980s Dance Party. The 1980s introduced the world to a different pop culture with music videos on music channels such as MTV and home video games such as Donkey Kong on Atari game systems. Celebrating this time with an authentic 1980s costume is easy to create with these thoughtful and inventive costume ideas.

Select a type of 1980s costume, either funny, sexy, musical, celebrity or group. The group costume consists of several people dressing in one theme such as characters from a popular '80s movie, "Ghostbusters," or group, such as the Eurhythmics.

Choose the clothes that fit the '80s costume, like wearing a lot of lace such as gloves, skirt, bustier, head bands and cut-off shirts for a Madonna costume. Look at local thrift shops for authentic '80s clothes.

Search friends' closets and basements for 1980s clothes. Look for over sized shirts, large belts and skin tight jeans for a woman's costume. Search for Members Only jackets, Izod polo-style shirts or a Michael Jackson Thriller jacket for a man's costume.

Add accessories, dark eye makeup on the brows and eyes, fishnet stockings and neon bangle bracelets to complete the Madonna look. Wear leg warmers over stirrup pants to symbolize the athletic '80s style. Wear a kangol hat or loafers without socks to accessorize a man's 1980s costume.

Style hair into a mullet or gumby cut for men. Women should go with curly big hair.