How to Dress Business Casual During a Blistering Hot Summer - For Women


0:01 Hi my name is Rachel Youens and I'm a freelance fashion writer and the owner of

0:07 street fashion site and today we're going to talk about how to dress business casual

0:11 even in the blistering sun. So first we are going to talk about exactly what business

0:18 casual is. It is kind of a balance between your normal white color business wear and

0:23 your street wear so not your raggedy jeans, not your nice business slacks but something

0:30 kind of in between. The first thing we are going to talk about with business casual is

0:35 that you can't throw all your normal business wear ideas out the window. This doesn't mean

0:41 you can wear like tank tops and skimpy stuff. So one solution we can do is taking a dress

0:49 that normally would be a little too skimpy to wear to work, something with maybe a halter

0:55 back line like this one or a tank top that maybe you would wear to a Summer wedding but

0:59 you wouldn't wear it to work. Taking that dress, bringing it into work, wearing that

1:04 but putting a cardigan over it so when you are outside on your water to work, leaving

1:10 work, at lunch, you can take off the cardigan and be a little cooler but then while you

1:15 are at work, still kind of keeping that modesty and that business look that you really need

1:19 to uphold. The second tip we are going to talk about is looking at the fabrics that

1:25 you are going to be wearing. I have two kind of similar shirts here. This one is polyester

1:32 and this one is cotton. You are going to be way cooler in the cotton so as you are going

1:36 through and choosing your wardrobe opt for something that is going to breath. Look at

1:41 seersuckers, look at cotton, look at linen. It is wrinkly but it is a great breathing

1:48 material. Try to keep that spandex at home. You'll be really hot and you'll also get a

1:52 little sticky. One problem that a lot of women have they try to do the business casual and

1:59 they want to wear a tank top but busty women often have a problem with too much cleavage

2:05 showing even when they want to be modest. So looking at a tank top like this that has

2:12 a high cut neck line. You are still getting that sleeveless look and you're still getting

2:16 a tank top but it has got a high enough neck line that you are not going to be coming out

2:22 of your shirt. And our final tip for business casual and not all work environments will

2:29 allow this but if you could wear cropped pants or a capri and that is one really great way

2:37 to still be wearing a slack and still look very business-like. Again my name is Rachel

2:44 and this has been how to dress business casual even in the blistering sun.