How to Draw a Natural Looking Eyebrow and Arch Using a Pencil

Eyebrows highlight the eyes and face. Some individuals do not have eyebrows due to genetic or medical reasons, or simply have eyebrows that are very light and unnoticeable. If you don't have eyebrows or simply want darker, more dramatic, ones you can draw them yourself without seeking the help of a makeup artist. By following the right steps, you can use an eyebrow pencil to make natural-looking eyebrows.

Choose an eyebrow pencil the same shade as your hair color, or one shade darker. If you choose a color that is too light or too dark, it won't look natural.

Make a light line, starting approximately 1/2-inch above where your tear duct is, and work your way over to outer corner of your eye.

Make an arch just above the line, directly above the outer edge of your iris, and closest to the outer corner of your eye. The arch should go up slightly and not be too dramatic or it will look fake.

Add more pencil to the line above where the tear duct is, to make the eyebrow fuller. Use soft, even strokes to avoid the pencil from looking clumpy and unnatural.

Continue filling in your eyebrow, working your way over to the arch, but using less pencil the as you draw from the tear duct to the outer corner.

Shade in the area between the arch and the line. The arch and the line should now connect.

Make the light line, between the arch and outer corner of the eye, slightly darker so it matches the rest of the penciled in eyebrow.

Repeat the entire process for the other eyebrow.