How to Drape a Sari Like Pants

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A sari, or saree, is a piece of cloth ranging from 5 to 9 yards in length that can be draped over the body in various styles. Many women in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and elsewhere wear the contemporary sari, which has three pieces. The “kachha” style uses only the “pallu” piece (or decorated piece) to transform the sari into a pants style, rather than a dress. This cool and casual style is worn without a petticoat. With a few tricks, you can wear your sari as pants.

The Kaccha Style

Wrap the cloth around your waist, starting at your left hip and drawing the sari completely around your waist toward the right.

Tie the sari just below your belly button by taking the border of the cloth and tying it to where the sari ends with a knot.

Make a set of pleats in the cloth starting with the cloth after the knot on the right side. Use your right hand to gather pleats of cloth by laying the cloth back and forth over itself about 6 inches in length. You may need seven to 10 pleats, depending on your measurements. The cloth should end at the center of your body in the front.

Keep pleating in narrow pleats until the cloth all taken up. Straighten out the pleats with your hands and tuck them into your waistband.

Gather the “pallu,” or cloth, at the bottom border by your feet, where the pleats hang, and pass it between your legs from front to back to create pants. Tuck the “pallu” evenly into the back of your waistband, spanning from hip to hip.