How to Downplay Large Breasts

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Downplay Large Breasts. Although your well-endowed bustline may be the envy of friends, there are bound to be times when you'd prefer it wasn't the center of attention. A few wardrobe adjustments and you'll have an easy time minimizing a large chest.

Wear well-made and supportive bras. Consider styles that serve to minimize the bustline.

Keep tops simple, loose and uncomplicated. Pockets will draw attention to your breasts. Tucking shirts and sweaters at the waist will only enhance your bustline.

Wear solid, dark-colored tops. Prints, stripes and patterns will attract eyes to the designs, and therefore to your chest. Light colors will make breasts appear larger.

Forget fitted sweaters and any top with spandex. Opt for open-collar and V-neck shirts, which will break up the line from your shoulder to chest.

Sport cropped jackets to emphasize your waist. Stick to single-breasted blazers, which can be left unbuttoned to further minimize the bustline. Double-breasted blazers will enhance your chest.

Balance your figure with wide-legged pants. Or try an A-line dress that hangs full from the waist.

Draw attention away from your chest with a flirty skirt or flattering earrings.


  • Stick to what works. When you find a top that gives you the look you're after, consider buying a second one in another color.

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