How to Donate Used Shoes

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No matter the condition of your old shoes, there are numerous places you can donate them to. Disaster-relief funds and organizations based in Third World countries will redistribute shoes to people in need. Some companies, like Nike, accept donated shoes and recycle them into athletic equipment and facilities. Donating your old shoes will keep them out of the landfill, and may provide needed footwear to people in need.

Visit the Nike ReUse A Shoe website and browse through the list of drop-off locations near you. Some Nike retailers may even be running drop-off drives near you, and you can drop your used shoes off there. Gather together at least 10 pairs of shoes and take them to the nearest drop-off location. If you don't have 10 pairs yourself, consider asking friends, family and neighbors to contribute their used shoes as well.

Contact your local Salvation Army and ask how you can drop off donated shoes. The Salvation Army involves itself in disaster relief and also raises money within its thrift shops by selling people's donated items.

Contact your local homeless shelter and ask them if they will accept used-shoe donations. Your used shoes could be put to good use right in your own area, providing comfort and warmth to local homeless people.

Contact Ann Cook, director of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine's Heart and Sole foundation, which collects new and barely used shoes for redistribution in impoverished areas of both the United States and Third World countries. You can reach Ann Cook at

If you happen to live in Texas, donate your used shoes to The Shoe Bank. It has drop-off boxes throughout the state and collects used shoes to redistribute to homeless people. Even if you don't live in Texas, you can still mail your used shoes to The Shoe Bank by shipping them to: Michael Barringer Shoe Bank 205 Becky Lane Rockwall, TX 75087

Register for a free account on and post an ad to your local community, advertising the shoes you'd like to donate. Freecycle community members can contact you through the system and express interest in your donated goods.