How to Do the Interlocking Hair Weaving Technique

Hair weaving gives anyone the chance to look like a rock star or supermodel, no matter the length of their hair. There are a number of methods, but many prefer the interlocking technique. This keeps the natural hair healthy and also makes the fake hair look more realistic and like part of the natural scalp. It’s a little difficult to master, but becomes easier over time.

Wash your hair with shampoo, rinse and apply a deep conditioner to the scalp. Let the conditioner sit for 2 to 3 minutes and rinse it out. Then let the hair dry completely. Clean and healthy hair is easier to work with when weaving.

Part the hair in a circular pattern, beginning at the top of the scalp. Make this part about 1 inch thick and follow the circular shape of the head. Cornrow the parted hair since it will be hidden in the weave.

Place a comb at the top of the cornrow near the bottom of the head, around the neck. Create a small part in the hair, right above the cornrow.

Braid the hair in the same way you would a regular weave by separating the hair into smaller sections and braiding each one individually. When you reach the end of the piece, stop and hold the outer two sections of the braid in one hand.

Attach the extension piece to the outer sides of the braid. Gently tug on the extension hair until it moves to one side and “locks” into place. Continue following this same pattern with each section of hair and each hair piece. The hair extensions stick to the braid and cover up the cornrow.