How to Do Easy Card Tricks

How to Do Easy Card Tricks. Everyone loves a good card trick. With a simple deck of cards, you can wow virtually any audience. Some tricks are harder to learn than others, but many simple card tricks take only a little bit of practice to master.

Magic Flip Card Trick

Have a member of your audience choose a card and tell him to study it. While he's concentrating on the card, casually turn over the bottom card in the deck and flip the deck over so that card is on top, face down.

Instruct your audience member to place his card back in the deck. Put the deck behind your back, telling the audience that you're going to find his card.

Turn the top card back over behind your back, then give the deck to your audience member. Tell him to look through the deck for his card, which will be the only one face up in the entire deck. This is because you flipped the deck over in Step 1.

Count Down Card Trick

Shuffle the deck of cards a few times. Glance at the bottom card and memorize it.

Drop cards from the bottom of the deck slowly and tell an audience member to say stop when she thinks you've dropped 10 cards. Count the cards you dropped one by one, placing the cards in a pile so that the bottom card ends up on top. It doesn't matter how many you've actually dropped.

Show her the top card without looking at it and tell her to remember it. Have her shuffle the deck and give it back to you. Spread the cards out in a fan and show her the card she picked--it's the card that you memorized in Step 1.