How to Do a Side Bang Puff

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For such a small amount of hair, bangs sure can be difficult to style. Pinning back bangs is a quick fix for a pesky fringe that won’t stay out of your eyes. Fashioning a “puff” or “bump,” which is a variation on the retro-chic pompadour hairstyle, is a universally attractive style because you can vary the fullness of the hair to frame your face in the way that flatters you the most. Keeping the puff small is ideal for ladies with long oval-shaped faces; women with rounded features can elongate their profiles with fuller, taller arrangements.

Gather your bangs in one hand. It is fine if you do not put all of your bangs in the puff. Many women only gather the bangs that fall between the arches of their eyebrows, leaving the bangs near their temples out of the arrangement.

Hold the gathered bangs up and away from your hairline. There should be a 1- to 3-inch part on each side of the bangs. Comb along each part to straighten the part lines.

Add some of the full-length hair immediately behind your bangs to the hair in your hand. The amount of full-length hair you need to add depends on how tall and full you want the puff to appear.

Hold the gathered hair securely and move it away from the center of your head toward the side you want the puff on.

Twist the gathered hair in the middle of the bangs. Twist the hair once for a subtle style; twist it three or four times for a more dramatic or glamorous look.

Hold the twisted section against your scalp. Push the twist gently toward your hairline to give the puff more volume; pull the puff back to make it lower.

Insert two bobby pins in an X-pattern behind the twist to secure your bangs. The wavy undersides of the pins, when crossed in an X-pattern, should catch on each other and hold the arrangement in place.

Mist your bangs lightly with hairspray and smooth the puff with your fingers to smooth flyaways.